a little about me

hey you!

  • so my name is chelse, i’m 24 and oh dear lord i’m an adult (what? seriously? weird…) with a real job and everything. i travel quite frequently (for work and leisure!) and i love it. follow my tag on tumblr/instagram #travelingchelse

  • i attend raves/edm festivals frequently. i enjoy the music, but i love the experience, the environment, and being able to express myself!!! i love the atmosphere there and how everyone is so peaceful, nice, and compassionate towards others! peace.love.unity.respect. <3 i am and always will be a kandi kid. i love trading at events and sending plur packages! i also really enjoy creating my own outfits/customizing things. 

  • i listen to a lot of different types of music. it’s a long list. just ask.

  • i watch way too much tv and movies, but i’m okay with that. obsessed with (in no particular order): doctor who, community, mad men, parks and rec, daria, skins, v for vendetta, american psycho, harry potter, scott pilgrim, anything by sofia coppola or wes anderson, romeo + juliet

  • i’m a typical libra—diplomatic, easygoing, and indecisive—and i definitely would describe myself as a hippie.

  • i live in florida via chicago and i love my homes.

  • i love love love reading and my nook (although i prefer actual books, ebooks are just cheaper and easier to get my hands on). i’m always open to suggestions for a good book to read.

  • i really really want to get my masters in museum studies or curatorial design and my phd in art history at some point. but money. it’s really really really really (did i say really?) expensive. plus my job is pretty sweet currently.

  • i’m nerdy and i have perpetual bad luck. no seriously, it’s really bad.

any questions?! just ask me. i’m super friendly and enjoy sarcasm! 

also… follow me on instagram @heychelse

updated 2/20


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